Weavers of Q'eros
Weavers of Q'eros

Weavers of Q'eros

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Weavers of Q'eros

Weaving is an important part of Q'eros culture and has been passed down through generations. Q'eros women use a backstrap loom to weave their textiles, a technique that has been used in the Andes for thousands of years. The process is slow and textiles can take months to complete, but the result is a beautiful, tightly woven textile which often carry deep cultural and spiritual significance.

The designs of Q'eros textiles are often inspired by nature, with patterns and colors that reflect the Andean landscape. They use alpaca wool and natural dyes made from plants and minerals to create the bright and bold colors that are characteristic of Andean textiles. The textiles may also feature symbols and imagery that represent the Andean cosmovision, such as animals, mountains, and stars.

In addition to being a cultural practice, weaving is also an important economic activity for Q'eros women. They sell their textiles in local markets and to tourists, providing a source of income for their families. The sale of textiles also helps to preserve traditional Andean weaving techniques and support the continuation of Q'eros culture.

Location: Q'ero nation | Peru

Year: 2022

You are supporting the Q'eros by purchasing this print!

For each of my Q'eros prints being sold, I am donating 10% of the net proceeds to Willka Yachay, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the indigenous community of Q'eros thrive in the modern world.

Willka Yachay has built a school, provided solar energy and implemented several cultural preservation projects. Find out more about Willkayachay and its projects here

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