Hanaq Pacha
Hanaq Pacha

Hanaq Pacha

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Hanaq Pacha

A Q'eros woman descends towards the village of Qochamocco (4400 metres). Despite the challenges of living in high altitude terrain, the Q'eros people have developed a deep understanding of the landscape and the resources it provides. Their traditional practices and knowledge have been passed down through generations, allowing them to thrive in one of the most extreme environments on earth.

Location: Q'eros nation | Peru

Year: 2022

You are supporting the Q'eros by purchasing this print!

For each of my Q'eros prints being sold, I am donating 10% of the net proceeds to Willka Yachay, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the indigenous community of Q'eros thrive in the modern world.

Willka Yachay has built a school, provided solar energy and implemented several cultural preservation projects. Find out more about Willkayachay and its projects here

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