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The Despacho Ceremony is a traditional Andean ceremony that originated with the Q'eros people in Peru. It is a ritual offering to the earth and the spiritual forces of nature, intended to bring balance and harmony to individuals and communities.

In the ceremony, a special offering is created using various symbolic items such as flowers, leaves, seeds, and other materials. Each item represents a specific intention or prayer, and the items are carefully arranged in a specific pattern on a piece of paper. The offering is then blessed through ritual chanting and playing the flute. The despacho is then burned as an offering to the earth and the spirits, and it is believed that the intentions and prayers contained within it are carried into the spiritual realm and manifested in the physical world. 

Location: Q'ero nation | Peru

Year: 2022

You are supporting the Q'eros by purchasing this print!

For each of my Q'eros prints being sold, I am donating 10% of the net proceeds to Willka Yachay, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the indigenous community of Q'eros thrive in the modern world.

Willka Yachay has built a school, provided solar energy and implemented several cultural preservation projects. Find out more about Willkayachay and its projects here

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